wat is industrial? wat a thing that show how industrial is ???
no one can give, 
dont know wat, just wanna insert
yes, industrial is a abstract thing, if we connect it wit engineering, it seems like a system
system that can make all of input things to be output things by passing a process 
input process input ???
wat are they ????
kinda process to solve a problem,
clearly, industrial concern wit how to solve a problem wit 3 step method  (input process input)
back to connecting wit engineering, 
mechanical can create machine, civil can make construct building, architect make great design, 
but, wat can create industrial  engineer ?
kinda suitable system in all part of something wit approach 3 step method, 
we may know an industrial engineer can do in all of place he taken ^,^
so, an industrial engineer must know all of condition and also know wat must he do to solve all of problem which is faced....
complicated exactly, crucial concept of industrial sometime could not got by someone
wat aspect that industrial can attack,
so, industrial can live in all condition and situation, and have threat to faced all of problem o^,^o

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